edited by Jos, Jan, Theo and Frits
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From left to right the Cox brothers in arms: Jan, Jos, Frits and Theo (+).

The brothers in arms Cox would like to get in touch with namesakes of the greater Cox family at home and abroad. They are working to map out as many descendants of Derick Kaix (+1499) from Roermond, the Netherlands, as possible. They would like to exchange data with other comrades in arms, anywhere in the world. Correspondence solely through the above email address please. Weapon holder of the following family arms is anyone who descends in a straight line from the said Derick Kaix.


Description of the weapon: in blue a diagonally left gold level, with a perpendicular plumb line.
Crest: a red lily between a silver flight. Tarpaulins: blue, lined in gold.

- equity, justice, sincerity -

This coat of arms was designed in 2011 in cooperation with the applicant by René Vroomen, in Echt, on behalf of the Cox family from Roermond, and is based on two historical seals located in the city archives of Roermond. The earliest surviving copy is attached to an aldermen charter of 25 March 1478. Derick Kaix (Cox), messenger and acting judge, was one of the persons validating this chart with their seal. He died in 1499 in Roermond (GAR Oud Archief inv.nr.1639). The seal is a shield with a diagonally left level, with a perpendicular plumb line. The applicant is descended in direct line from said Derick Kaix.
The second seal is an undamaged paper seal, printed lower window, of Dederick Kaicx from Roermond, also descended from Derick Kaix, which he used as a seal on May 19, 1576 (GAR Oud Archief inv.nr.1870). The seal shows the abovementioned level in a complete gothic arm with a pitch helmet, with a wreath, an open flight as crest and surrounded by tarpaulins.

(Text translated from letters patent, NGV 2013.14, dated Amsterdam. 18-9-2013.)







Old seals are fragile and can easily be lost. Therefore sealed letters are enclosed in a sturdy plastic shell and stored in flat boxes at the archives in Maastricht. Image below: the seal from 23-5-1478.

In the course of time variations on the theme of spirit level with plumb were created. Below are some examples.

. .
..................... variant plumb ................................... plumb depending to the left ............. the weapen as hand mark

Details of two gravestones in the Cathedral of Roermond.
Left: Henric Cox 1697. Right: alliance weapon 1595 van der Smitzen-Cox.
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Oldest data of the pedigree Cox.


The youngest son from the marriage of Gerard Cox and Liesbet Bordels, named Christopher Cox, went in search of adventure and joined the army as a horseman in the company of Count Hendrick van den Bergh. As such, he experienced several sieges and battles around 1630 and thereafter. This took place during the last decades of the 80-year war of the Dutch against the King of Spain. Whether he also experienced the siege of Roermond in 1632 is not known. Quite a few years pass before we hear about him again. Stoffer Cox is then married to Hille Cremers. Eventually the family settles at Maasniel. At the Gebroek (at the border with Melick) he has inherited a large piece of land. Other cropland had been sold earlier, possibly to pay for his armour.

Here at the Gebroek, Stoffer Cox starts as a farmer, and after him his children continue to work there. We mention the two sons Johan and Mathias. The handmark above comes from the latter, like his father taught him. Because he couldn't write, he always signed with the symbol from the family crest. (See above.)

An engraving from the time that Stoffel Cox permanently settled in Maasniel.
To the left of the statue of the patron saint we see the parish church of Maasniel and to the right a view of Roermond.